Frequent asked questions

I forgot my password
If you forgot your password, click SIGN IN. Once there, click the related link and follow the instructions.
Can I edit a survey once it has been published?
Yes, it´s possible, but as soon as you receive the first vote, you won´t be able to change neither the question nor the options (texts or images). However, you can modify the rest of poll setting at any moment.
Can I delete a survey?
Sure, you can delete any of your encuestas whenever you want. You will find a delete link in all of them.
Can I publish adult content surveys?
In order to protect under-ages from adult contents, when creating the poll tick +18 check located in the setting area.
I´ve found an inappropiate comment or survey, how can I inform it?
There is a link in every comment to inform inappropiate contets. For surveys, click on it and you will find the same link. Compliance team will analyze them and decide which ones to block.
Can I know who voted in a survey?
Only if the author allowed it when creating the survey. If you want to do so in your surveys, just tick the related check when creating or editing it.


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